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Integrative Vocal Coaching with Monika Hofmarcher


Individual and group work

Integrative Voice Coaching is a holistic vocal training with a musical emphasis on jazz and popular music. Your hopes are supported, your fears faced, clearing the way for your natural voice to be revealed and developed. You will be fully supported in realizing your individual singing goals.


In Integrative Voice Coaching, Monika Hofmarcher combines western understanding of the body and psychology with her experience and knowledge of kinesiology and the healing powers of breath, voice and music. Singing becomes a joyful self-discovery, whether you’re a professional or just beginning to sing.


The word „integrative“ comes from the Latin „integer“ and means „untouched, intact, complete“. Integrative Voice Coaching (IVC) examines body and voice functions through their systematic relationships. In this way, the natural voice remains or is restored. IVC supports the release of emotional blocks which encumber free singing. The result is joy in song and a rich and healthy voice.


Integrative Voice Coaching works on many levels:

  • better posture
  • stronger speaking voice
  • more powerful presentation
  • more pleasure and energy
  • a healthy feeling and deeper breathing
  • elasticity – obtaining a balance of tension and relaxation
  • spontaneous self expression
  • easier handling of stressful situations


Monika Hofmarcher:

„I’m looking forward to accompanying you on your way to discover the power in your breath and voice!“



Can everyone sing?

An offer to people who would like to sing, but don’t have the confidence.


Goal: overcome fear and start singing!


Monika Hofmarcher:

„When I talk with people about singing, I often hear 'I can’t sing' or 'I don’t have a nice voice'. I think that’s too bad, because I really believe singing should be allowed to be enjoyable and should be fun. Singing enriches self expression, singing makes you happy."


"Everyone should allow themselves to sing because it’s a wonderful free feeling to give voice to, whatever the outcome. I encourage you to enjoy singing. And if you then want to hit notes, I’ll help you."


How can I further develop myself?

An offer for people with singing experience who have reached their limits.


Goal: Strengthen the voice, find balance, feel alive, feel more comfortable, develop an ear.


Monika Hofmarcher:

„Through breathing and voice exercises learn better voice usage. Attain stability and a hold in your voice and broaden your range. When you trust your impulses and voice you will uncover abilities buried deep within you."


I support you in unfolding your voice and in attaining your goals, for example, self accompaniment on the guitar, solo singing, small performances, preparation for entrance exams for pre-school teacher’s training or PÄDAK.“


How do I enjoy my performance?

An offer for people who want to sing professionally (beginning professionals, professional performers and actors).


Goal: successful performance, style and authenticity in performance, vocal sovereignty.


Monika Hofmarcher:

„Based on the vocal work (flexibility, breath, tone, intonation) and work on ones’ self you find yourself closer and closer to your full vocal capabilities. Allow yourself to delve deeper musically, recognize nuance and differentiate listening abilities. This lets you feel at home in a variety of genres, able to move freely musically and to a more unique personal interpretation."


I can assist you in finding stage presence and charisma. Learn how to conquer stage fright and how to incorporate musical input. I can help you with preparation for entry exams for music conservatories, universities, first stage experiences and difficult performances. You’ll learn how to deal with criticism, perfectionism and pressure and to lose yourself in the beauty of music. Be prepared to learn, to work, to let loose and above all to reap the fruits of your efforts.“




„I go home feeling happy after each lesson.“


„After practicing, my singing is always better than before.“


„It was interesting to feel from just hearing the little word „air“ what happens.“


„I can sing. That’s what I can take away from the workshop. Singing is something beautiful.“


„Working with you is exactly what I need now. You bring me out of my head and back into my body. That’s really necessary for me.“


„I found trust in my own voice, that everything really works.“


„I already made great progress in the first three hours. I absolutely want to continue along this way.“



Excerpts from a student’s experience:

....From the first moments on Monika demonstrated to me that my decades long belief that „I can’t sing!!“ wasn’t really true. From the start she succeeded in coaxing notes out of me....


...In the meantime I can look back on two years of singing lessons in which I developed a „musical physical consciousness“ and learned gradually how to use my voice to sing. Also of great help were Monika’s countless valuable tips about my own compositions which always lent my songs that extra „something“.


A voice lesson with Monika is not just a’s a musical journey through my most intimate moods often accompanied by hearty laughter and not least of all by constant new musical successes. Especially during stressful times, professional or private, an hour’s lesson with Monika, aside from the musical progress, is the perfect slow down I so desperately need on just such days.


Making music has become an irreplacable part of my life. I have Monika Hofmarcher to thank for it.


Be warned, however! Whoever finds themselves in Monika’s hands must be aware that they may have to laugh. It’s quite possible to find yourself meowing like a cat, howling like a toddler or whirring like a wind-up mouse. And that can be quite funny!

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