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Sensual dialogue between Jazz and Pop

Monika Hofmarcher Group


Surprisingly different 70’s & 80’s pop. Old songs not hung up in classic sounds – lighter, acoustic, uplifting audiences. A direct line to the heart and lively interpretation.


Monika mit Mikrofon

Piano: Aaron Wonesch

Bass: Karol Hodas

Percussion: Gerfried Krainer

Vocal: Monika Hofmarcher



A Tribute To Jazz – with a modern flair

Monika Hofmarcher Jazzband


Monika Hofmarcher and her musicians entrance audiences with a subtle elegance. With scintillating spontaneity she playfully accepts the challenge of the standard repertoire from Duke Ellington to Antonio Carlos Jobim to transform tone, sound and rhythm.


Monika mit Jazzband

Piano: Aaron Wonesch

Bass: Johannes Strasser

Saxophon: Thomas Faulhammer

Vocal: Monika Hofmarcher






„Enjoy“, three strong female voices, which delight and touch the soul. Their harmonically interpreted Gospels transport heavenly joy and raw emotion, diving deep into humanity’s depths.


Monika mit dem Gospel Ensemble

Vocal and Piano: Carola Caye

Vocal: Anna Kos

Vocal: Monika Hofmarcher

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